President’s Corner, May 2014

I was sitting with some longtime GLASC members the other day, when we got into a discussion of how to make GLASC better. The person I was talking to seemed surprised [pleasantly so] that I was asking, and that I fully intended to act on the recommendations given.

I don’t know how that strikes you, but as GLASC president, I am continually looking for ways to make GLASC better. I view this as a vitally important part of my duty as the president. Change is a vital, important part of life. It is also inevitable, and we can either adapt to these changes, or face the subsequently inevitable result.

So, as a Board, we listen, we ask questions, we seek out opportunities to make our organization better.

Do you have any ideas? Ideas, not just for events, but for networking, for bringing members of our diverse community together. I think we can do it! But we need everybody’s input to do it. It’s not just me, it’s all of us working together, forging community. So, how can we do it? What ideas do you have?

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