President’s Corner, April 2014

Spring is here! OK, it certainly didn’t seem like we had that much winter this year here, but I’m sure that other areas of the country would argue that they’ve had a little too much of winter. Even as I write this, another snowstorm is heading toward the East Coast, while we’re basting in 90-degree weather.

Regardless of where you are, things are changing, the seasons coming and going as they will, inexorably. There’s very little we can do about that. For our organization too, things are changing. You will notice a new format here, a tip to the changes happening in our midst. We say goodbye to our editor, Charles Hutchinson, who for many years now has helmed the Reflections. We cannot but thank him for his invaluable contributions and efforts for GLASC over those years, and his editing presence will be sorely missed.

Yet, even as the seasons change predictably, we have many exciting events coming up that are also tied to the times of the year. You’ll read about them here, and we hope you’ll join us!

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