President’s Corner, April 2013

Spring is sprung! After what seems a long, dark, cold, mostly cloudy winter, the days are filled with bright, warm sunshine, and the air is filled with God-knows what.

Change is in the air at GLASC. Since January, we have been engaged in an ongoing effort to bring awareness of our group to the larger SCV community. I am happy to report that our efforts have begun to pay off. If you’ve been to our dinners recently, you may have seen some new faces, and new people. This is a direct result our efforts (with a special shout out to Richard Ramirez for organizing our most successful effort, Meetup [read more about that on Page 3]). We are very excited to have new people joining us, so please make an effort to welcome and to get to know them.

Of course, we have many other events going on as well. This month is our Wine and Cheese party, and May of course is Cinco (or in this case Quatro) de Mayo. Going into summer, we have a host of event ideas, please look them over and let us know what interests you! You can let any of us on the Board know, or mail us at We appreciate and encourage your thoughts and suggestions.

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