Fun and Friendship

You are welcome to attend our weekly dinners at local restaurants. We also have monthly parties that are usually held at members’ homes, as well as other events such as museum visits, hikes,or the theater.


  • Weekly Dinners
  • Monthly “Theme” Parties
  • Sponsored events such as the Theater and Wine Tours
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • and much more!

Membership Dues:
Single: $15.00 Couple: $25.00
Additional Member: $10.00

Payment Options

Dues are one time only. In previous years, we charged an annual fee; but as of 2015, the GLASC Board decided that a one-time membership fee was sufficient.

We charge a nominal fee for membership.  These fees help to cover the cost of keeping up the website, PO Box rental, plastic forks, party supplies and all those other important things that begin with the letter “p.”

To join GLASC, print out or fill in the form online.

Contact us if you have questions.

Click on the Pay Now button to pay for an event

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