The Most Virulent

The Most Virulent

It is no surprise that the LGBT community takes the brunt of hate crimes in the US. In fact, an article produced by the Southern Poverty Law Center, shows that our community is more likely to suffer an incident than any other.

Aside from this, as if that weren’t worrisome enough, there are a number of organizations which exist, if not for the express purpose of denying us any rights, then for the purpose of stripping us of them, or worse. In the interest of recognizability, here is a list, also from the SPLC, of the 18 most virulent of these organizations:

Abiding Truth Ministries, Springfield, MA.
American Family Associatian
Americans for Truth about Homosexuality
American Vision
Chalcedon Foundation, Vallecito, CA.
Christian Anti-Defamation Commission, Vista, CA.
Concerned Women for America, WA, DC.
Coral Ridge Ministries, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Dove World Outreach Center, Gainesville, FL
Faithful Word Baptist Church, Tempe, AZ*
Family Research Council, WA, DC
Family Research Institute, Colorado Springs, CO
Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment, Downers Grove, IL
Illinois Family Institute, Carol Stream IL
Liberty Council, Orlando, FL
National Organization for Marriage, Princeton, NJ
Tradition Values Coalition, Anaheim, CA

I am, for one, surprised that Westboro Baptist Church isn’t on their list. You can read more about each one, via this link here.

* I was genuinely surprised to find this church on the list! This pastor gained some notoriety back in 2008, when he preached a sermon about how real men act, and – well – one of the things that real men do is standing while they relieve themselves, while girly-men sit. I wish I were kidding about this.

You thought I was kidding, weren’t you?

This particular tidbit, caused me to look a little closer into this pastor and his church, even to download some sermons and give them a listen.
I have one for you, DON’T.

If you are curious about more of his hate-filled rhetoric, I wrote about a couple of things I noticed back in 2008, here and here.

Additionally, if you take a look at the
SPLC’S Hate Map

You’ll find the:

OMNI Christian Book Club, in Palmdale, which is a Radical Traditional Catholic organization

Get Some 88, in Castaic, which broadcasts racist music.

Tony Alamo Christian Ministries, in Canyon Country, which they categorize as ‘General Hate’

National Socialist American Labor Party, in Burbank, a neo-Nazi group.

A little close to home, if you ask me.

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