President’s Corner, October 2014

I wanted to take a few moments here and say Hello from your new Board! It’s a new Board for a new season. Actually, you might notice that – for the most part – it looks just the same as the old Board. I do want to welcome Gary and Hilmar as Treasurer and Member-at-Large, respectively.

Don’t be fooled by this, though. While it may appear that things are ‘business as usual’ for GLASC, I can assure you that things are changing in the organization. It’s too early to broadcast things just yet, but we are looking at making significant changes to GLASC and to the way we operate. Most of this has to do with our history, and the changing face of interpersonal communications. When GLASC started, there was no internet, Facebook, chatrooms, or the like. Likewise, in the beginning, our membership fees largely supported the physical printing and distribution of our newsletters. All of this has changed, and we have been slow to change with it.

What this ultimately will mean none of us knows. But look forward to big changes in how we do things. We will continue to have our dinners, events, and brunches, not to worry. But it’s going to be an exciting season, and I hope you’ll support us!

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