President’s Corner, November 2012

This is not your mother’s Board.

As I mentioned in our previous newsletter, we have some new things going on with your GLASC Board, new members with new ideas. Some of the fruits of these new additions are already evident in new activities, new types of activities, and more.

We continue, of course, to be grateful to our members for their ongoing support, suggestions and ideas as well. I have said before that we encourage our members to submit their ideas and suggestions for new activities, new events or outings that
reflect their interests and the interests of the group. As a Board, we listen to each suggestion, working very hard to
find events that are fresh and interesting.

One of these activities, which started this month, is a cocktail hour(s), taking place every other Friday at a local watering hole. This month, it’s at Lucille’s over at the Town Center. Drop in for a visit!

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