Affirming Churches in Santa Clarita and Environs

It is no surprise to anyone living in Santa Clarita that the community is very religious. What goes along with that is a very conservative bent, which we in the Valley deal with nearly every day. You can hardly go a couple of blocks around the city without running into a church, and most of the local schools, elementary, junior and high, have some sort of church service – of some kind or another – happening in them during the weekend. There are churches of every denomenational stripe. There are religious schools for many denomenations, running K-12, and even a College [The Master’s College, non-denomenational formerly Los Angeles Baptist College and Seminary, founded 1927 ]. The Valley is also home to one of the fastest growing churches in the US, Real Life Church [also, non-denomenational], located on New Ranch Road.

Yep, Santa Clarita is very religious.

With all of this religiosity, it turns out that there are only three gay-affirming churches in the Santa Clarita Valley proper. It seems like there ought to be more, but there are just three. Now, admittedly, these are church that will admit to being gay-affirming. Among the other churches, there are a few which will allow gay members, but only if they accept a second-class status as a member of the religious community. That is, they welcome gays in theory, but only if they don’t act or be gay in actual practice. And, certainly, there are some churches where it is NOT wise or safe to be out as a gay person.

The three affirming church all belong to vigorous, well-established denomenations. Their information, and links to their sites, are as follows:

Unitarian Universalist of Santa Clarita

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church

Living Faith Lutheran Church

That’s IT, all the gay-affirming churches in Santa Clarita. Now, having said this, there are other gay-affirming churches in the neighboring valleys, particularly the San Fernando Valley. There are a large number of affirming churches in the SFV, with GLASC members attending the following:

All Saints Episcopal Church, in Pasadena

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, in North Hollywood

Christ Chapel of the Valley, in North Hollywood

MCC in the Valley, also in North Hollywood

The situation in the Antelope Valley is a little more sparse, with only two affirming churches represented:

Sunrise MCC, which appears to have no current web presence.

Church of St. Thomas, also with no web-presence.

I believe that the Antelope Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is gay-affirming, though I can’t find anything on their web site which specifically says so.

In the Antelope Valley, in particular, Lancaster Baptist Church and its members should be avoided at all costs. They are a large, but virulently anti-gay congregation.

This is pretty much posted as public service announcement. The choice to be religious, or to eschew religion altogether is a choice every individual makes. It is not GLASC’s intention to influence one way or another. However, in the interest of the serving the wider community, the churches listed above are affirming to members of the gay community.

If you are interested in finding more gay-affirming churches in your local California area, a good place to start is with Welcoming and Affirming Churches in CA.

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